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By TNT Corlis ·  · From 500 Words: I broke it


Writing was always in the far reaches, nestled away in the back of my mind.

The creative voice was present at times when I didn’t want it.

It would add its own opinion and throw its hat in adding a perspective that sometimes I may have wanted to say but didn’t.

In my mind’s eye I always found it easy to, for lack of a better word, ‘debate’ instances.

We all have these voices within casting an alternate way of viewing a certain situation encountered by life.

It wasn’t until I met my future wife that a simple statement I made to her led to the broken facade.

When I was asked, “What would be the one thing I would like to accomplish in life?”

The question grew, “Something that is far beyond what you ever expect to achieve.”

I thought about the answer for longer than I felt the question needed, but I was held by the want to answer it as truthfully as possible, until from the darkness I answered, “I would like to write a book.”

We sat in silence, both digesting my answer, “But where would I start?” I asked as self-doubt began to creep in.

A smile grew on her face that was both warm and comforting.

The answer filled her features.

I was drawn by the moment, eager for her answer, her thoughts, maybe even laughter, self-doubt again I suspected.

The inner voice spoke to me again, asking, how would you know how to write?

You never chose writing as a profession.

You have worked in a job burrowing into the earth like ants, the scale far more grand, but the similarities are inescapable.

The facade is now stronger than ever, as if building on each of my negative thoughts.

I cannot break this now, the thought bounces around inside my head as I try and push it away, searching for a glimmer of hope.

Her answer came with perfect timing, the words clear and concise, silencing the doubt.

“From the beginning.”

I was taken aback.

Those three simple words smothered the doubt so quickly.

A light had been cast over the darkness of doubt preventing it from skulking around, eroding the idea of writing.

The freedom to explore the passages of thought will now be forever open and I listen with unfaltering attention to the ideas that flow from the broken facade.

Many years have passed since that night and now, in the success of a third novel about to hit the shelves, the voices of self-doubt are broken.



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