I Do 2

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After over 30 years of marriage, recently estranged couple Richard and Jen are travelling to their only child, Donna’s wedding.

He still loves her; she still wants to kill him. Fate mixed with nature wants to kill them both. With Richard’s persistence and Jen’s tenacious pursuit of the truth they uncover sadness, happiness and riotous misunderstandings as they journey towards their daughter’s wedding.

The Keeper

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A sinister reputation clouded by the mystery of his severe scarring fuels his parable.

In Tasmania in the early 1930’s Hayden Samford tends his Lighthouse as a severe storm ravages Black-Heath sound.

As he looks out from the platform he sees a woman staring up at him from the darkness.

The lightning strikes toward the ground and he screams for her before she falls to the ocean below.

An intense trail of love, betrayal and desire follows…

The Bowers Mill

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The impact of her second pregnancy was clearly visible as Georgia’s psychosis deepened.

As she crept closer to the due date, her state of mind erupted into a rage Will and his young daughter, Nicole, had never seen.

In a desperate attempt to save their marriage they decide to move from the city and purchase an old Victorian mansion with a defunct flourmill nestled in the woods behind it.

Does the change in lifestyle stow her frightening thoughts or does she conceal them with a newfound craft?

Only time will tell.

Lonergan’s Drift

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“Now you listen to me Forbes Charlie Whittaker. I am not going to sit back and watch you go through this alone.

I will help you wherever I can but this is set so deep in you, that some of it, I have no doubt you have to face on your own.

But you must understand, when you feel like you are facing it alone, my heart is with you for every step”.

Her words penetrated his thoughts and memories to a depth, like always, that no-one else had the ability to reach.

Now six months into his retirement he must face the pain he left during his path of life all those years ago.